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What do Eastern Test Caterpillar moths eat?

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We have 6 cocoons that should hatch in 2 to 3 weeks.


We figured out what to feed the caterpillars, but all the online advice I was looking for about our moths was about how to kill them, not how to feed them! About moths in general, we found that moths either don't eat or eat the same things as butterflies (sugar water, fruit, and nectar.)


Now, my husband and I really don't mind if our moths die, but some short people might be sad and would like to keep them for a bit. If we can't feed them, we'll have to let them go sooner so they won't die on our watch.


Has anyone here successfully fed moths? (We have a nice butterfly garden cage for them, and are getting real butterfly caterpillars soon, but we wanted to try growing the free park caterpillar moths for fun. Plus, now we'll get to see both, it's been fun watching them make their cocoons.)

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Do you have tent caterpillars? They are indeed pests at our house and eat leaves from select trees all over the area. They sure love our ornamental cherry tree. Once they get established in a tree branch, the tent will grow bigger and bigger and all the leaves on that branch will be gone. I say torch the little boogers! :D


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