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If you use Phonics Pathways and ETC...how?

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How do you scheduled PP and ETC together? Or do you even try to make them match up?


Ds 5 is on ETC book 3 and I have decided to pick up Phonics Pathways because he is itching to move on and ETC is just going.so.slow. Don't get me wrong...we LOVE ETC and want to continue with it...we just need something else to move us along through phonics a bit faster.


Even if you don't do PP with ETC, how do you schedule? Do you just do a page a day or a page until your child masters it and move on? My son is really good at seeing a bunch of words with a certain ending and being able to read all the words just like it...but that doesn't mean he will remember those words when he is reading a regular book.


Just curious...:bigear:

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I use Phonics Pathways as my main phonics curriculum, with ETC as a supplement. I do not try to schedule them togehter. We just do one page every day in Phonics Pathways, and usually they do a couple of pages in ETC every day (but I don't stop a child who wants to do more ETC pages!).



We use them exactly the same way! I consider ETC good for pre-spelling and handwriting practice too.

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We do not try to match PP and ETC. We started both when my son was about 4.5. They were both very painful. So each was about a page a day. We only read PP, no writing/ spelling. We completed ETC 1 & 2. Sometimes when the going was slow we changed our ETC method a little. We'd use chalk and write our words on the driveway, he'd tell me how to spell and I'd write the words out, we'd take turns doing the answers (I'd intentionally mess up so he'd have to correct me).


At the end of ETC 1 & 2 he was doing 2 pages of ETC per day. After these 2 books I thought he was reading well and there was no need to continue w/ ETC.


At 5.5 we continued with PP, about 2 pages per day and added in about 3-5 words of dictation.


This year at age 6 we picked ETC back up (after posting a phonics related question here... I was convinced that it will help with spelling in the long run). We're doing book 3. We just do a couple of pages a day ( I think he would find it too boring if he did more). We will not be doing ETC 4 next, I've heard it might be better to use it later. So we'll skip to ETC 5 and plan on coming back to 4 later. We've dropped the PP at about pg. 100. He could easily read through the rest of the book. I do see us going back to it at a later time and using it more from a spelling standpoint. But you are making me wonder if this wouldn't be a good summer quick and easy reading/ phonics project.


I love these 2 resources. I think that PP really helped my son to read and have success along the way. :001_smile: I can't imagine trying to match them up.



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When we used PP, I did anywhere from half a page to three, depending on the skill/interest of the child that day. Some sections we sped through & others took awhile longer.


With my dd, we used ETC as a supplement. She loved ETC & I didn't try to match it to PP. She would do anywhere from one to three pages a day. My ds hated ETC, so we dropped it pretty quickly as a supplement in his case.


starfall.com is also a fun supplement to PP.

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We are in the middle of book 3 in ETC and we do 2 pages a day, 2 days a week. We also do the equivalent of 3 pages a day, 2 days a week of the ETC online on the same level he is working at in the book. This has been great for us. I think PP will be much better as a spine, though. He is really ready to move on with Phonics. :) Thanks for all of the help!

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