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Ok....if we put off SOTW...


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How does this look for Social Studies? We are doing a cartography/map skills program as well.



History - Explorer/Hero: Jane Goodall

Tall Tales: Johnny Appleseed

Geography: Africa

Holidays: First day of autumn, Labor Day



History - Explorer/Hero: Leif Eriksson

Tall Tales: Paul Bunyan

Geography: Europe

Holidays: Halloween, L Eriksson Day (10/9), S of Liberty’s birthday (10/28)



History - Explorer/Hero: Sacagawea/Lewis & Clark

Tall Tales: Davy Crockett

Geography: North America

Holidays: Thanksgiving, Veteran’s Day



History - Explorer/Hero: St. Nicholas

Geography: Christmas around the world

Holidays: Christmas, Jesse Tree, Hanukkah, New Year’s Eve



History - Explorer/Hero: James Cook

Tall Tales: Mike Fink by Steven Kellogg

Geography: Antarctica

Holidays: New Year’s Day (Goal Setting), 12th night, MLK Jr day



History - Explorer/Hero: Abraham Lincoln

Tall Tales: Calamity Jane

Geography: Asia

Holidays: Valentine’s Day, President’s Day, Groundhog Day



History - Explorer/Hero: George Washington

Tall Tales: Babe Ruth

Geography: South America

Holidays: Mardi Gras, St. Patrick’s Day



History - Explorer/Hero: Abel Tasman?

Tall Tales: Pecos Bill

Geography: Australia

Holidays: Easter, Passover



History - Explorer/Hero: Christopher Columbus

Tall Tales: John Henry

Geography: Review of continents/countries we’ve studied over the year

Holidays: Cinco de Mayo, Learn about Patriotic Holidays

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That looks really interesting. How do you choose which explorers to study?


I tried to make them related in a theme of some sort. Not all of them fit, so some of them are random, but I tried. :) If you can think of a better way to put them together, or heroes/explorers that we would be better off studying at this point, I am all ears.

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Nope, nothing here. ;)


We do a lot of bios of dancers/musicians/women of interest. (Isadora Duncan, John Coltrane, and "Marvelous Mattie" - the woman who invented the paper grocery bags we use today, for example.) Whatever looks good at the library that day, I guess. LOL

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