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Art for High School Credit?


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How many credits do you need? Just one? That shouldn't be too hard over 4 yrs of high school.


It makes it easier if you remember to think out of the box on art. Art History is art, photography is art, technical drawing is also art (IMO anyway). Art also includes various handi-crafts; embroidery, quilling, jewelry making, cake decorating etc.


If you have boys, I hear the Mark Kistler books (Draw Squad etc) are pretty popular (and some girls like them too :)). There is also a book by the author of Drawing with Children for older kids/adults. You could even spring for Atelier as it seems to be really popular and covers various media.


Don't forget Usborne books! There is an art history one that is really good (I'm too lazy to go look it up right now, but Sonlight sells it in one of their cores.)


These are two (companion) books I'm considering (for me!) for Art History:





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Here's a book called Art Talk


I bought this from recommendation from a friend. It's a high school textbook but would make a great spine for either middle school or high school. We plan to take 2-3 years and go through the entire book in middle school.


I bought one of the used copies, I think I paid around 10.00 including the shipping.

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