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I am considering Smarr Lit guides

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I was wondering if the Introduction to Literature is just a compliation of guides along with the writing resource, or is there more to it. I would rather pick and choose the books we do, but I'm just wondering if I'll be missing something that way.


I would include his guide to poetry, and the short story in my list.


Anybody have any experience with this?

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Guest Katia

I've never purchased their guides separately, just ordered the course....but I would think if you just got the guides it would be ok, as long as the answer keys are included.


My assumption is that the courses are just the guides all put together in a certain order with the writing lesson component added. I think you can purchase the writing separate as well.....so I would 'think' that yes.....it would work just fine to pick your own.


You could call them as ask to be sure. They are very, very nice people to talk with. The courses I ordered were both customized for me, as my dd had already read several of the works in the advertised courses....so we just dropped those works and added other works that I wanted her to study. They were very happy to work with me and do that for me.


DD and I have had some really deep, wonderful discussions from the Critical Thinking questions and Bonus Thoughts in the Smarr program. At first, dd wasn't sure she was going to like it.......but now she is sold!


I like the fact that I can schedule the lessons/readings/etc. to be done per day.......and she likes how much the books and the Critical Thinking and Bonus Thoughts make her *think*........and I have to be honest and tell you that more often than not she does not agree AT.ALL. with the author of Smarr's point of view, lol! But that is ok as it has helped her to define her *own* pov and to be able to express it.


Love Smarr!

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