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Can you use IEW SWI without using all the teacher DVD's?...


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Yes, you can use just the SWI's if cost is an issue. I liked having both and I learned a lot working through the teacher training dvd's. However, I will strongly recommend that you watch the lesson with your children and if possible do the writing lesson as well yourself. I say this because in doing it yourself you will learn how the program works and know better how to help if your children are struggling with anything. What I have learned is that even though Mr. Pudewa is teaching the lesson, the children at home watching the dvd don't have access to asking him any questions they might have and so you will be the only source of clarification for them and the more you know about how IEW works the better.

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It would be better to own the teacher dvd's because the various levels of SWI do not cover all the units. For example, SWI-A only covers Units 1-4. At least with TWSS, you can use the material with any age student for any writing assignment.


Should your student not quite understand or have other questions, you wouldn't have the resources handy to answer/assist.




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