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Where can I learn about water filtration

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The news reports of pharmaceuticals in our water supply are starting to get to me.


My DH takes the, "If the government says it's safe, it's got to be safe, they would never lie" approach. Love that man:)


So I need something to (1) decide whether I really should be concerned about the safety of a municipal water supply and (2) the best way to filter out impurities.


There's just so much information out there, and I don't want to spend 40 hours reading and researching. I'd like to spend a couple of hours max researching what kind of filtration system I might like and just buy it. I was all set to just by a reverse osmosis system for under the sink, but then I read about how that filters out all the minerals we might actually want in our water, and now I am confused!


Any one knowledgeable about this?

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We lived in a town for over 6 years that told the public the water was safe to drink. In fact, it truly was not safe. The water superintendant lived across the street from us...eventually he had health problems and was told not to drink the city water by his Doctor.

My husband worked in a food plant and the quality of the city water caused many many expensive issues for them. At one point he sent water somewhere to be tested and the company called him and asked where he got the water from. They thought it was a joke because that water was so bad..unpotable I believe is the correct term. True story. Don't believe everything the city tells you about their water.

We put a reverse osmosis gizmo thing in our house within a few months of moving in. We used a local company and they came and changed the filters..twice as often as they thought it should be change, per my husband's request.

Yes, it does take out all minerals, but we all took a good quality daily vitamin and didn't worry about it.

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