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I have a free version I got at some point from Apple. I like what I have seen so far (not much) I like that you can include hot links and attach files, especially helpful with TOG. I like the color coding. You can print daily or weekly reports. I never seem to have the time to plug the info in though so I haven't used it much, maybe over the summer. :tongue_smilie:

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Hey You!


We are counting down the days till we are out of here! We are in the low

40's! I told Collin you'd be in upstate this summer and we are planning on catching up with you at some point then!


Can't wait to see you!




PS - David hates my Dell and decided it was not a good choice for me. Not completely sure what that means or what he thinks a good choice for me would be.... maybe paper and pencil???? If he could handle me dealing with computer 'changes' I think he'd sericously consider a mac for me.

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I use Planbook and like it. Certainly the best I could find for a mac. I'm fairly basic in my usage of it though. I love the color coding. The only problem I've had is if I've canceled a day of school with it's funtion for that, I can't un-cancel it. I just sent the developer an email about it. There is a yahoo groups for questions and whatnot that the developer reads very often. He seems to be continuing to improve the program.



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