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I get to hear Dr. Chris Perrin and Jim Weiss tomorrow!!!!

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How fun! I didn't get to hear either of them last weekend (too much time at SWB's sessions!)...maybe next year.


I did talk with Dr. Perrin at his booth, and he was very gracious. I don't think it would be weird at all to have him sign your book.


BTW, I was just reading your reviews of LFC (from way back). Is it still working out well for you guys? It's at the top of my list for next year's after looking at it at the convention!

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I tried to stalk Dr. Perrin in Cincinnati (I mostly failed, but bought all his sessions on CD [grin]). His sessions are *full* of great information, but sit close 'cause, as he admits, sometimes he mumbles.


One of these years I'll make it to Jim Weiss, I'm still in the "soak up all the classical EdPhilosophy I can" phase.


ETA: Love his little pamphlet about Classical Ed, I found it extremely helpful. Which reminds me, time for a reread.

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Oh, it was awesome! I ripped the back cover off our LFC and had him sign it. Jim Weiss signed a cd cover for the kids and Todd Wilson signed a cd cover for dh. My husband loves the Family Man Newsletters by Todd Wilson. Jim Weiss is a TALKER. It was so nice to just chat with him. A friend took a picture of us together, but I don't have the pic to share yet.


I may have developed a small crush on Dr. Perrin. I think it's the sweater vest.


Denise, YES! We love LFC. This year, I've been given Memoria Press' Latina Christiana to review, so we had to switch for Latin 2. I like it, but miss LFC. We will probably return to LFC after this. LC is good, but we're not only moving from classical to eccesiastical, we're now hearing it with a Tennessee accent. It's taking some adjusting....Navigo becomes Naveego-uh. We're only a few weeks in, but it appears to be on track with LFC and at about the same level of rigorous-but-not-too-rigorous.

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