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Two question...English 11 and Lit

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I seem to ask about literature more than anything else during these high school years. I guess I feel the most insecure in that area.:confused:


Anyway, if some of you would give me some guidance here, I'd be very grateful!


First, what should be included in an 11th grade English class for a credit? My son will be taking a one semester course through The Potter's School called Research Methods and Web Publication so that will be included in his English credit. He also participates in speech and debate which requires lots of writing and research. What else do I need to make it complete?


Do I need to include any grammar review? If so, any suggestions on that? He is doing some grammar review this year in his Advanced Comp. course through TPS. He's actually quite strong in grammar.


And what about lit.? This year I have him reading some American lit. But, the child does not want to read! He's way behind on the reading schedule I've given him. I'm trying to prod him. I do have Teaching the Classics to help me with Socratic discussion but it's torture to get him to read and discuss.


So, that's really my second question: what should I require for the lit portion of English 11? Should I make him do British lit for next year? How many books and how much do I have to make him do past just reading them?


Thank you for your continued help and support!

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Hello, Ronette!


I can't answer your question, loosey goosey that I am, but I just wanted to tell you that dd14 will be doing BJU's British Lit next year. I've never used a BJU course before, but Notgrass was a hit, so I think that format is a good one for K. Would you like to join us? It is a lot of reading, though......

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I used Lightning Lit's British Lit study guides from Hewitt. For the most part I like their study guides, however, a large part of them is teaching composition and it looks like you really don't need that. What about if you got a Teaching Co. lecture series and read books from that and then listened to those lectures in lieu of trying to discuss them? My kids often need some background before they read a work of literature, to place the book in context and to get them thinking about the author's life, point of view, etc. Teaching the Classics is good for pulling out detail but sometimes you need an expert to make things easier, especially if you have a reluctant reader. Also, if reading is burdensome to him you could let him listen to some books on audio or maybe read aloud to him. Or take turns reading chapters out loud. I just did that with my 12 grader and The Great Gatsby. Literature is more fun when shared with another!

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Though probably a lot of us on this board have our kids read more than this, I only read 6 - 8 books for a year of English Lit when I was doing Form 6 in Australia. Many AP classes only read 8 - 10. If he is reading one book a month I think you are fine (and doing all the other "Language Arts" things you described.)


my. 02

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My ds will study Brit Lit next year (11th grade). He will also be taking an Advanced Creative Writing course from the local CC, so we will only be reading about 8 books for lit. i purchased this:




and this:





Although I haven't spent much time reviewing them, they both look good. The Excellence in Literature looks impressive.




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*slinks away, feeling indecisive*


Ahhhh....the story of my life!


As my friend, Alphabetika, knows, my son is immersed in all things science and thinks lit is a waste of his time.:tongue_smilie: I'm trying to convince him that it will stretch his mind and make him a better person.:)


Thanks for the help and I'll check out the suggestions!

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