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What do you know about PH levels and acidity?

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I feel so "out there" right now because I don't even know enough to ask the right questions! Please do your best to decipher and fill in the blanks:o


I posted about teeth sealants and this post stems from that. I am thinking people who have higher levels of acidity (ie: in saliva), despite good oral hygiene, are more prone to cavities. I am trying to avoid sealants. I would like to explore the idea of lowering acidity in my dd7 with a natural approach.


What are your thoughts? Ideas? Book recommendations?


Thank you so much!

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In general a whole foods approach. I googled low acidity diets and that's what comes up.






Also spilanthes is good for oral hygeine in particular, doesn't taste all that well, sort of tangy.




Anyway, HTH

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