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first form vs henle


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I'm not sure that it is. If you've done LC2, move on to Henle if the student is ready. First Form will simply repeat material they have already covered.


I don't know how LC2 and the as-yet-unreleased Second Form Latin will fit together.


If you've done LC1 you can do either LC2 then Henle, or First Form and following leading up to Henle 2.


When complete, the four "Form" books will allow you to spread the material of Henle I out over 2-4 years so once the series is complete you can go from PL and LC1 to First, Second, Third, and Fourth Form. After which you would do Henle 2.



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I think it depends on the age/maturity of the student. If you started Latin when your children were tiny, and finished LCII by sixth grade, then First Form could be just the right thing.


LC is for the Grammar (ie. memorization) stage. They recite the conjugations and declensions, and some vocab.


First Form etc is for middle school. They can do some analyzing but not a whole lot. I would expect it to progress in the 2 - 4 books.


Henle is for high school. Students analyze right from the get-go. They write sentences, translate and answer Latin questions in a complete sentence. Their brain has to be developed enough to look at a word, remember which cases it could be in, then determine from the sentence which case it is in, in order to translate the sentence correctly.


While having done LC and First Form first would undoubtedly make Henle easier, I wouldn't start with either LC or First Form with an older student. First Form was to fill the gap for those children who had memorized all there was of LCI and II, but weren't really ready for Henle yet. It's not necessary to do LC before First Form, or to do First Form (or LC) before Henle.

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