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My schedule for Apologia's Physical Science


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This is for the 2nd edition, and covers it in 4 days a week/32 weeks (no dates).


In case anyone might find it useful:




What I did was print pages 1 & 2, then put page 2 (module 1 & 2 labs) back in and printed page 3 (the first page for modules 3 & 4) on it's back. Page 4 (module 3 & 4 labs) goes back to back with page 5 and so on.

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You're welcome! I love doing this kind of thing. I had a blast and hope to do some of the other high school and elementary books too. I got a chance to really look over the book pretty well while I was at it.


I'm pretty sure you can download it from google docs somehow. If you send me an e-mail at darlasowders@gmail.com I can send you the original excel fine if you like.


Keep in mind I haven't actually done this course yet. It is *not* a relaxed pace, but since there is a tutorial out there that puts kids through these books in 16 weeks (now that's a blistering pace!), it should be doable. It will not fit neatly into a "45 minutes for science" type schedule unless you have an independent student who will finish the rest later. I don't. There are seven days in a week though and I don't mind nagging a little. :D


Ok, if you go to the file menu and choose export, it will direct you to save it on your computer. I don't know if you need to be a google docs member or not, so my offer to e-mail it stands. I think I set it so anyone can download but I'm new at this file-sharing thing.

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