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Wouldn't know they were sisters and brothers

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Yup that is what I was told today as we were leaving the restaurant after dinner. The kids had wonderful manners with only a couple reminders so the staff directed the kids to the treasure box to pick a prize while I paid the bill. The manager was watching them chose something, DD9 was helping dd1 pick something and ds10 told ds5 to go first and stepped out of the way. Then the big kids picked something while the 2 littles lined up at the door. The manager came up to me after all the kids lined up as I zipped coats and said "Wow, you wouldn't even know they were brothers and sisters they were so kind to each other" :D I'll take it, I guess loving siblings are rarely seen there


When we got in the van ds10 asked what he meant and I said "he thought that because you guys were being nice and not fighting" ds5 pipes up and says "good thing he didn't see us before we went there" :glare: yup they fight, A LOT, but tonight they were angels

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lol to your ds. What a hoot! I had a similar experience where my kids were being particularly wonderful and one of the patrons paid for our lunches. I was astounded! Both that someone would pay for 6 people (well, 5) and that my kids were that well behaved for that long....

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