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Could green tea make you sick?

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I was wondering about this, and did a bit of Googling. It sounds like the tea could have caused the problem.


Everything I read said that you shouldn't drink green tea on an empty stomach, and that it's best to drink it with some milk and sugar in order to avoid stomach upset.


I hope he feels better soon. Has he taken anything to help coat his stomach, like Gaviscon, Maalox, or Mylanta?


I feel so badly for the poor guy. It's so awful to be sick to your stomach.



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My husband never does anything halfway either! I hope he feels better soon.


I get sick if I drink strong tea on an empty stomache. I can drink coffee on an empty stomache, but that is probably because I take my coffee with max contaminants. This is probably too much information, but both can give me loose stools if I drink too much.

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