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first communion gift?

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My half-sister is having her first communion in spring and I don't want to give her jewelry or money, which are the traditional gifts in our family. I'm leaning towards a leather bound set of classics, but which ones? And would that be inappropriate? (I was raised by my dad, not the parent I share with this sister, so I'm not Catholic and haven't attended a communion -- or any other Catholic event, for that matter -- since my own communion twenty years ago.)

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My children received First Communion last year (and the year before, and the year before that:)). The most appreciated gifts: a rosewood box w/ an inscription, and a small silver bracelet.

I would be apprehensive about a leather bound book set for fear it would never be appreciated or used. Maybe a couple leather bound journals for later use? An old style music box? Even an American Girl doll which she would like now, but could be kept for later (her children).

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My boys love this Bible and it's unique in that it's not just the stories of the Bible but tell how Jesus' coming-God's plan for our salvation fits into each story.


They usually get their pictures taken, so perhaps a nice picture frame? Or a crucifix, a book of children's devotionals, a keepsake box for her jewelry, a kids Christian music cd, etc. Check out a Christian bookstore and they usually have different appropriate gifts laid out to see and buy.


Personally, I tend to stick with gifts that have some spiritual meaning since it's a sacrament they are receiving. Good luck!

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