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Buying contacts online...where?

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I use 1-800 Contacts and have for years. They have great service and I always receive my product quickly. However, they do require either a copy of a valid prescription or a number to call and verify it with your doc. If your prescription is out of date, you'll have to go get one.


To avoid this, in the past I've ordered more than a year's supply at a time or ordered for the next year just as my prescription was going to run out. I make sure to get an eye exam at least every couple years, but during the time my twins were little, it wasn't always possible. You can order as much as you need/want from 1-800 Contacts, you just need to do it within the confines of your prescription's expiration date.

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I've used visiondirect.com with great success and lately I like shipmycontacts.com. They will have to be able to contact your doctor to verify that your prescription is current. The last 3 times I bought from ShipMyContacts it was all processed in one day and here I think within the next day, or maybe the following, but I never ever pay extra for fast shipping. they're just FAST. I also found them to be the cheapest for the type i wear.



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I really didn't want to have pay for an exam that I really don't need on top of ordering the contacts.


Don't you know contact lenses are a controlled substance? :tongue_smilie:


Next time you get an exam, stock up--or order a bunch right before it expires. They don't care how many you buy right before you "should" have the exam. Isn't that silly?

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