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Can I start a "Parents of 13 year old boys" prayer list?

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My dad was just here commenting on how many times I have to repeat myself.


"Did you find your music? Please look for it."


"I see you didn't take the trash out when I asked you too. Please do it now."


"Did you forget that you were supposed to be looking for your music?"


"Why is the trash still in the kitchen?"


I told my dad that my son was using all of his brain cells to grow right now, so I'm going to show him grace, and cut him slack until he turns 20.


If he is still a flake at that point, boy am I ever going to come down hard on him!

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Only if I can join as a 'parent of an almost 13yo boy'.


Yikes. I just calculated and, after my oldest turns 13 in a couple of weeks, I will be a mom to a teenage for almost 15 years.:svengo:


Me too! And I thought it was enough that I had at least one in diapers for ten consecutive years! What other "seasons" do we have to look forward to?


I'll join the "Parents of 13 year old boys" prayer list. My ds (who still doesn't know his math facts!) has been looking for his math trainer DS game for over a week. He also has some sort of physical ailment that only affects his health between 8:30 am and 3:00 pm on weekdays.:confused:




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Aw, I had never thought of how many years we will be parenting teenagers! Our first entered her teens in 1995 and our last will leave his in 2023......28 years to get it right :) We had 4 teens in 2001 and will have 4 teens again in 2013. I think that they are great, but it is sort of an interesting shift from the dependence of childhood to adulthood. I tell my littles what they are to do and expect them to do it. I ask my teens to do something for me and I still expect them to do it. Sometimes there is some confusion along the way when they think that their compliance is optional. Do you know what I mean? We all have our work to do, teaching, learning, etc. and we would like them to be motivated by a desire to participate fully in the family effort. "Hold on to Your Kids: Why Parents Need to Matter More Than Peers" is an interesting read for the parents of teens. Praying for your teens and all of us as we disciple them.:)

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My oldest is 14.5 and my next is newly 12.


IT WILL GET BETTER! Just love, love, love him and hang on for the ride. That year of being 13, well, there's just something about it....


I do not agree with all of James Dobson's theories, but he does address this suddenly-crazy-teenage-boy thing in Bringing Up Boys. I recommend you read it (eat the fish, spit out what you call bones, kwim).


My oldest was relatively easy, but the next one, well, methinks he's gonna keep me on my knees (praying, that is). He's almost as moody as his P-P-PMSing twin sister.


Almost forgot, DH has done a MARVELOUS job talking with the boys, validating their oft-confused feelings, reassuring them that strong emotions accompany this period of rapid growth and hormonal surges. It is really Dad's realm (at our house, anyway) and the best thing I can do is try my best to be patient and loving. And repeat instructions however many times it takes til the message is received.

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And I thought I'd loose my mind when they boys were jumping off the top bunk using a pillow case as a parachute. Little did I know that then "I ain't seen nothing yet" Hey I made it the past 4 years of teens 1 is half way through thank God. I never thought he's normalize....lol Keep a good sense of humor and lots of hugs. :grouphug:

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COUNT ME IN!!!!!!!!!!!


My sweet boy turned 13.... and some days I dream of the day he turns 18. And then I get mad at myself!


I love him, I adore him, he's SO fun to be around, and then he opens his mouth or shows "that" attitude...... and I find myself dreaming again.


Someone told me to wait a year, it'll get better then.


My oldest son was SO easy!

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My oldest two (twin boys) turned 13 in December. They are very different, so fortunately only one of them for now is showing teenage "symptoms". It's good to know there is a support group here--I have a feeling that I will have many questions for all you moms who have survived these years!



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I also will have my first teen aged boy in a couple of weeks (May 9). What amazes me is how he can go from my normal, wonderful, loving boy to "the world is going to end" dramatic trauma in the drop of a hat. If supper is in 30min and I walk into the kitchen where he's getting an ice cream out and I say "Hey, we're about to eat supper. Wait until after please." He crumbles and grumbles like I announced a life sentence to torture and the world hates him. Ugh!! He is such a wonderful boy but the mood swings are killin' me here! LOL


Hugs :grouphug: to us all!

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Guest Virginia Dawn
IT WILL GET BETTER! Just love, love, love him and hang on for the ride. That year of being 13, well, there's just something about it....






I've been through 2 13yo boys.


The first told me he had a constitutional right to say anything he wanted. :lol:

I told him in our house we bow to a higher authority.


The second tried a primal scream. once. I sent him out the door and told him not to come back if he was ever going to try that again. He pouted for about an hour and has never done it again.


Those were the climaxes of thirteenness in our house. The rest of the time they just made me feel like I didn't know if I was coming or going. I'm going to study Logic in preparation for the next two. I want to be able to shout "Straw man!" or "Ad Hominem!", etc., on cue.


Right now things are pretty peaceful. :)

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