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Reading breakthrough!!

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I can't believe it! I've been trying to get ds 11 to read longer books, had limited success with the Series of Unfortunate Events series (he read 2.5 books before giving up). For some reason he wanted books he could finish in one sitting, or there weren't enough pictures, or any other wealth of reasons.. but he is an excellent reader!


Anyway, our breakway book was Redwall. I have just about the entire series (bought for myself, what can I say... Even dh was like, "Do you really like to read those?" Umm, yes!!), and ds saw them on my bookshelves and asked if he could read it. He's finished that and now moving on to other books of mine. Well, shoot, if I had known that I would have sprinkled all the books I got for him on my bookshelves, instead of getting him his own for his room!


But happy and relieved nonetheless...

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Oh, how wonderful!! I have a reluctant reader. I'm still waiting for that one series that will click with him. Now I'm off to check my shelves.


Seriously, thanks for sharing. We've had a rough day at school, it nice to hear about others victories to keep me uplifted. Thank you.

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Congrats to you for your work and inspiration to your son. They have to be inspired or it just dosent happen, you were the example :)

The breakthrough came for my daughter not with the 1,000 or so books I paid to ship all the way to New Zealand; why would she read one of those? Nooooo, she borrowed a "girl loves horse" book from another homeschool family and has not looked back since. She is now reading all of her sisters FIAR books for the first time to herself. Its nice as she is recalling all the good memories she had with them.

Redwall is great and I cant wait until mine are ready, I have them all too.


Alicia in New Zealand

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