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New to Classical Education---Questions need answers to.


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This is what I am looking at so far.

Latin: Latin Primer A

Math: Abeka 3 (already have curriculum, so don't want to waste)

Grammar/Lang/Writing: Shurley Grammar 3 and possibly IEW

Spelling: Any ideas? Currently use A Beka, but saw ACSI Spelling. Any recommendations I could look into?

Science: A Beka 3-already have

History: A Beka 3 and looking to purchase Veritas O/T and N/T

Reading: Classical books for age group

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Shurey Grammar is more rote memory. It worked okay for a little while for us, but we soon moved on. R&S English/Grammar is good!


We used A Beka math through 3rd. If you already have it, then you've probably experienced it before? There were problems with it that my dc didn't like. We liked the previous books a lot! It was just 3rd on that didn't appeal to us. We did AO LifePacs, Saxon, and some others. Right now we're doing LoF and love it. But for youngers that wouldn't be what you'd want to use yet, most likely.


Spelling--Christian Liberty Press has some decent Spelling books. We used those for awhile, and my kids liked them. They don't have lots of pretty pictures, but they explain the concepts well! There's also R&S Spelling that I've heard is good.

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