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MS Office Project Ideas???


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DD is going through the Professor Teaches CD-Roms. The course is just a "how to" type thing, so I am coming up with "projects" for her to do to reinforce what she is learning on the CD's...and I am running out of ideas.


So far some ideas I have:



Paragraphs for her to edit

Listing the 50 states and their abbreviations (to practice setting tabs)

Listing classic books and their authors (to practice setting tabs with leaders)

Making a 3 column table listing valuable baseball cards, players and year they played.

A letter writing project using Mail Merge



Make a 12 month calendar with important dates

Photo Album project

Flyer advertising an activity


Welcome to (blank) book. (I was thinking a Welcome to our AF Base for incoming homeschool students)



I found some spreadsheet exercises (to practice with formulas)

Planning a vacation to include airfare, car rental, hotel, sight seeing etc...comparing a budget trip and a high end trip.

Writing a report for the above vacation and including graphs


Power Point

Doing a slide show for the vacation trip above


I found most of these on the internet. I don't know if I am just that un-creative or what...but my brain is at a loss for anything else :) Anyone have any other ideas for me?






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If it were me I would tie in what you are learning in other subjects to the computer work. If you are studying poems in Language arts then make a power point of different definitons (similie, metaphor, etc.) and then the last slide a poem. History would be an easy pick a smaller topic that you have been studying and make a Power Point presentation sort of like a written narration.


I used to have a sheet that gave lots of ideas. If I find it I will try to come up with a few more ideas.



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Design a restaurant menu. Use only one font--different sizes and weights and colors, but only one font. Alter the character spacing and/or character scaling of some of the text to produce a customized font variant which will still blend in with the others.


Learn to make and use custom colors in Word for more text color choices.


Work with the spacing before and after paragraphs (not just multiple uses of the "Enter" key) to achieve a pleasing layout.


Next, try two fonts instead of just one. Use this great hint from a graphic design book: it's not usually the differences between fonts that cause font conflicts, it's the similarities. So often a serif font and a sans-serif font are easier to use together than two fonts that are more similar, such as two different script fonts or two different italic fonts.


For a more advanced layout, use text boxes as a way to position text.


Text boxes can also be used as a way to give an entire page a fancy border.


Print the menu on different papers. Do different fonts look better or worse on different papers? (They will--the fun part is figuring out why.)


After saving the menu, do a Save As and do another version--change to a new restaurant name, switch fonts, use a different paper. Have your daughter create the restaurant in her mind, imagine the decor and the music and the way the customers are dressed, then decide what the menu should look like.


Word is not the best place for graphic design--at all--but for a ready-at-hand introduction to some of the artistic fun you can have just with fonts and layouts, it's a perfectly good place to start, and you'll soon notice whether you have a budding graphic designer on your hands!

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