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So unsure about what program to do next in math


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My ds is finishing up Singapore 6B. I need to back into the plan for 7th grade: In 8th grade he will enroll in Laurel Springs School. Since math is not his thing, I will be happy for him to do Algebra 1 as a ninth grader.

That being said, Laurel Springs will put him in Saxon 1/2 as an 8th grader.


What should I do for 7th? Should I do Saxon 87, even though I've heard a lot of mixed reviews about it?


I really like TT Pre-algebra and Chalk Dust Pre-algebra. Would those be better than doing Saxon? Do you think they would be too easy or too hard for him? Would it be awkward to go from any of those to Saxon 1/2 the next year?


He gets math concepts but he makes a lot of computational errors. Some of the CWP in Singapore were really hard for him.


Any advice on these programs and potential pathways?

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No offense meant, but it seems to me, if your son is completing Singapore Primary Math 6B in the 6th grade, that he is doing fine with math. I know *many* families that use SM a grade level behind their child's actual grae level. The CWP problems are *supposed* to be challenging. Some of the problems (especially Take the Challenge) have been challenging for *me* and I'm an adult who was always good at math in school.


Anyway, I believe PM's 6th grade level is equivalent to a Pre-Algebra. Did you have your son take any placement tests? Saxon's placement tests put my ds (just completed 4B) into 7/6. It seems to follow reason that someone completing PM's level 6 might place into Algebra 1. Don't know... but you might try it.


Good luck!

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Just a thought from my experience...


Saxon 87 in seventh grade is fine. Lots of repeat from previous year.


I am told by many that Algebra 1/2 was even more confusing that just jumping right into Algebra 1 during 8th grade. Have heard this A LOT!

We have jumped in Algebra 1. It hasn't been the easiest year in math.


I am now moving to Chalkdust. Algebra 1 is a huge switch from 87, because it is all theoretical for the most part. This is a big switch at a difficult (puberty) time. It would have helped to have had DVD series to really go through the thinking.


I am spending 5 hours and more, working side by side with my ds to make sure he understands. Up until this year, math has been a breeze and he scores in 99th percentiles in math in IOWA's....


Just one perspective.....hope you receive many more.


Hope this helps!

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If he is finishing 6B in 6th grade, he is actually finished with pre-algebra. Some students do an actual pre-algebra curriculum in between 6B and algebra, though.


I am not totally familiar with the content of Saxon 8/7, but I'm willing to bet it would be mostly review. I have only heard good things about Chalkdust, and mixed reviews of TT. If you choose one of those, pick whichever one is most appealing to you and your ds, IMO.


Here are some other ideas for following up 6B:


1. Use "Keys To" books--fractions, decimals, or algebra


2. Use Life of Fred Fractions, and then Decimals and Percents


I am not familiar with Laurel Springs School, but surely they would give him a placement test if you requested it? It may be that he is ready for full-on algebra in the 8th grade.


Good luck!

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Well, my two oldest only made it to the end of Singapore 6A, so take my input with a grain of salt. I know nothing about Saxon, so I can't comment, but I do know that if you've done Singapore math, you haven't covered the negative integers. You could use TT pre-algebra. That's what we started out with, but my dc didn't enjoy it after years of Singapore. Life of Fred Fractions, and then Decimals and Percents will be review, but it's fun. Right now my 13 year old is working through CLE 701, and will move to CLE 801. These are the review units for each level, and he is learning a lot that he didn't cover with Singapore. If you were to go with CLE, you'd probably want to check the scope and sequence and purchase the light unit that covers teaching negative integers unless you're comfortable teaching that concept yourself.


Sorry... this probably isn't much help. I hope you are able to find a solution.



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I agree with the LoF 2 books, or TT Pre-Algebra for review for him. If he is struggling, those would be a good way to go over the material and get a stronger base!


My dd did the TT Pre-Algebra in 5th, the LoF books mentioned above in 6th, and will continue on with the LoF Algebra next year in 7th. She loves the LoF books! My ds did the LoF Advanced Algebra this year and loved it!

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