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Need Suggestions for Math


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I really need a one-size-fits-all math curriculum. My oldest has used Saxon until this year and has done well with it. We used Bob Jones Geometry this year, and she is hating it. The reason we switched is that Bob Jones looked like it explained the concepts better, and Saxon sometimes threw problems in that were not covered, or not covered well. Algebra I threw some Algebra II concepts into the final exam, which we had failed to cover, well, because it was Algebra II.


My second dd used Saxon with one year of Rod and Staff tucked in their to review. We used Bob Jone's 7th grade math this year as a review. She did fine with it, but we didn't like it that much, and it has taken her a loooong time getting through it.


My third daughter always loved math. We used Bob Jones this year with her, and we are sick and tired of all the different ways they use estimates in Math 6. She's doing horribly, because half the time she doesn't know which method they want used and if it's rounded, estimated, or for real. (up until this year, I didn't know there was a difference between rounding and estimating; front end, etc.)


Obviously Bob Jones math is not for us. Saxon was great for the oldest, until a few issues with Algebra, was not so hot for the middle, and just okay for the youngest.


Any ideas for a math curriculum that is fairly self taught, great explanations, and doesn't have 180 lessons.

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I also decided this year that BJU was not for us. I liked some of it, but there was more I didnt like.


I am assuming you are talking the Jr High and High School grades.


MUS does a good job of teaching concepts. It is considered "light" by many here and it does not cover a great deal of word problems (from what I can see).


LOF is a completely different approach, but it has helped dd understand the daily application of the math. It is designed to be independent, but we often have to help with the lesson


Making Math Meaningful is supposed to do a great job teaching concepts but only goes up to geometry at the moment (I understand Algebra 2 is in the works). I had never heard of this program until I recently attended a seminar on teaching math and science. THe speaker loved this program. Also, HSLDA's new curriculum advisor praised MMM and said it would do what I was saying I needed a curriculum to do. I have not yet used it, so I can only relate second hand info.


TT is supposed to be totally independent and does teach some concepts. Perhaps not in the same way that MUS or any of the others would present it. Again, it is NOT well thought of here. It is considered not rigorous enough. The scope and sequence is different. The TT lady I spoke with said you must commit to 2 years - both Algebra 1 and 2 to get a complete algebra program. They recommend doing both algebras prior to geometry. Others have commented that you need all 4 years of TT to get a total high school program - again due to the different sequence. I think this program is also a bit pricy.


My gf loves the Key to .... programs. She said they explain the math concepts very well - and in everyday terms and usage (like a football game). She believes this program is what prepared her ds for college math. Up until starting it, he just didnt "get" math. He was not going to attempt college level math because he thought it was not something he could master. His SATs were excellent and he is now looking into college math courses.



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I was going to post to the highschool board, however 2 of my dds are in 6th and 8th grades.


We used Making Math Meaningful K-4 for the youngest and she loved it. I did not realize it went up through Geometry. I'll have to check that out.


What is LOF?


Keys to... is the follow up to Miquon correct? Oldest dd used that in early elementary, but it was not a good fit for the other 2.


The problem with curriculums that follow a different sequence is that dd1 has already completed Algebra I. She is half way through Geometry, but just turned in the semester test with a failing grade. She's never had problems before. Maybe she should have done Algebra II before Geometry. We went in this order because that is what I did in highschool.


I just know the younger 2 are not going to be able to follow BJU, and I need to figure something out soon.


Thanks for the help.

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LOF is Life of Fred. We used their Fractions and Decimals this year. It was just what dd needed. It tied everything together. She had so many "aha" light bulb moments. I intend to use LOF for Algeba as well. It will be a supplement, but it will be used for sure.


I was very disappointed with BJU 4. I was especially disappointed with division. Others here really like it, so I am not bashing it - just terrible fit for her


Lials and Jacobs are very popular here. I keep hearing how rigorous and complete they are. I did get a chance to look at Jacobs recently at a used curriculum sale. It is tough. It is not the direction I plan to go for either dd as the student or me as the teacher. Chalkdust is highly thought of as well. It is pricy, but I hear it is worth the money. Even if that is the case, it is cost prohibitive for us. Saxon drove us nuts. It was a great transition from MUS elementary for a semester. But, not for the long haul.


I cant think of too many other choices out there. Ray's arithmetic is used by a few families in my local support group - but I know nothing about it.


Please post what you find that you like. I am always curious to get feedback.

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Thanks Holly. I really appreciate your help.


Funny, I had been looking at Life of Fred, I just don't always make the connection.


I can't find that Making Math Meaningful has a Geometry text out yet. However, I did find the rough draft, and my daughter thought it looked like it explained the concepts well. We don't do well without an answer key though.


I'm going to order the Keys to Geometry today and she can work on it during the summer so she can get her geometry credit.


I'm not sure exactly what we will do next year, but I have a little time to work on that. I would really like to get the Videotext series, but my goodness it is pricey.


I'll keep researching and let you know what I discover. I've got several ideas to go on now.



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