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What can I use to teach journalism?...

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http://rainbowresource.com/proddtl.php?sid=1204261060-1722913&subject=&id=033911 This looks like a pretty solid text for starting journalism. You'll also want to pick up an AP Style Book. The book covers the basics and the different styles.


You might want to check at the community college in your area to see about an internship or chances for getting things published. This is the best way to "learn" journalism. I have a journalism degree (from about a million years ago) and I learned the most writing for the school paper. Another idea to is have her look into writing for local "free" papers - most towns have at least one or two. It's not very glamorous, but it does help you learn the ropes.


The biggest things I learned in college were: to write simply (we were taught to write to no higher than an 8th grade level for newspapers); learning to edit (cut, cut, cut); and learning to find a unique side to anything you were covering.


Hope you guys have fun with it.

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