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Favorite summer perfume?

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I used to work in a fragrance store many many many moons ago. My best advice is to go the the mall and hit the testers. Don't just take it sprayed on the little card, but make sure to get it on your skin. I would try out several different ones that you are interested in, all on different places on your arms or hands (just try to remember what is where ;) ) and then leave the store and walk around for about a half an hour to an hour. As the perfume mixes with your body's own scent it can change drastically. It's a terrible thing to love a perfume in the bottle only to get it home and find that you can't wear it. It takes some trial and error, but a good perfume can really define a lady.


In addition to the other excellent suggestions above, I would offer my own humble two scents and throw a nod to Coco Chanel, Chanel #5 or Chanel Cristal. Oscar de la Renta's Volupte and Il Bacio are nice if you like a fruity scent, Givenchy's Amarige or Lalique are nice also. Samsara by Guerlain is lovely and Boucheron is a nice one too, but pricey. I think Liz Claiborne, Davidoff and Calvin Klein are always safe bets as well if you can wear them. I never can. I have a weird body chemistry so they always smell too sweet on me unfortunately. :(


Another trick once you find your scent is to layer them. Eau de parfum has a much more concentrated scent than an Eau de toilette or an eau de cologne and can be overwhelming and cloying depending on the fragrance and that might be a turnoff if you're trying to keep it light, but one trick to keeping it on the light side, but also to not have it dissappear altogether is to layer it. You can use the shower gel, followed by the body lotion or dusting powder and then a spritz of edt for example. Just my humble two cents for what their worth. :)

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