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Pics of our goats!

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Oh your girls are so beautiful!! I love goats too!! May I ask, how much does a goat cost and where in the world do you get one from?? Ay, I'm a hopeless city girl who longs to be a country girl. :)


I pm'ed you back. Our goats cost $75 each. They are a cross between Nubian and Nigerian dwarf, and they are both does. You can spend a lot more than that, or probably less.

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Awwwww! I want one! I saw the cutest thing ther other day. I was driving home and one of the houses had goats. The goats were roaming and I just saw a momma goat with her little kid jumping aroung her. I was so in awe that I pulled over to see some more.

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I have to say that you are torturing me.


I bought 3 nigerian dwarf goats back in December. The seller said they *may*

be pregnant b/c she had them in with a buck for over a month. So, by her date they would be due at the beg. of March. Two of them never developed any signs of being pregnant. The last one has. Lots of them. She looks pregnant. But here it is, the end of April and no kids. I am so disappointed. I keep thinking, "Well, maybe she got the dates wrong and it will really be the end of April." But as each day passes I am thinking maybe she is just fat. And I am a dumb goat owner.

:glare: I was really looking forward to getting goats milk this Summer.


Well, yours are just adorable! Enjoy the kids and the milk.


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