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Foerster Algebra 2: what does it come with? where to get it?

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Considering Foerster Algebra 2 for DS who will be in 11th gr. next year -- but I can't seem to figure out where to buy this, what it comes with (just a single text? or is there a teacher book? CD? workbook??); which edition to get; etc. Help?? Thanks in advance! Warmly, Lori D.

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From the publisher, student text and teacher edition.




From Amazon. Student edition really cheap used. http://www.amazon.com/Algebra-Trigonometry-Applications-Paul-Foerster/dp/0201861011


Anyway, hope that helps. :)



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There is a Teaching Guide, which includes the following information for each lesson:

-approximate number of days it will take to cover the lesson,

-explanation of the lesson, which often includes points to stress or to make sure the student understands,

-suggested assignments,

-and problem notes - explaining that students typically struggle with particular problems and why or other helpful information on problems.


Sometimes, an actual purpose for the lesson is explained, and in other lessons, Chalkboard or Classroom Examples are included, with solutions.


It seems to contain maybe a bit more teaching information than a teacher's edition, but I am basing that on the Teacher's Edition I had for Algebra I. I've not owned a Teacher's Edition for Alg II / Trig. Another plus is that it is only about the size of the Solution Manual, except half as thick; in other words, it is much more convenient, less bulky. The one thing it does not have is the answers to problems in the student text.


ALL that said, besides the answers in the student text, would there be any other reason to have the Teacher's Edition? If you own the Solution Manual anyway, is there a reason to have a Teacher's Edition AND a Teaching Guide?

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