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Unscientific Poll

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In the US I leave the water on.


In Kenya, not only did we turn the water off, we often were restricted to 6" of water in a bucket for our full sponge bath.....just ask me how to literally wash head to toe in 6" in a bucket....I have a method!



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Please answer the following questions:


A. What country has been your primary residence during the last 10 years?


B. While showering, do you keep the water on, or do you wet your body, turn the water off, wash, turn the water on, rinse (repeat if necessary)?




B. Water stays on, but you're question has me thinking that I *could* do the on/off/on thing during the summer months when I would freeze my hamburger-buns off, LOL!


Thanks for asking. This was... amusing.:lol:

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on. but we have a tub in the shower and collect all of the shower water. this then gets tipped into a bucket. and waters the veggies. the whole family is having a bit of a competition as to who can use less than 1/3 a bucket. we don't have town water, and only have rain water tanks, so the less rain we have, the shorter showers.

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I just wanted to say that I'm pretty impressed with those of you who manage "bucket showers", lol!


Growing up, our house had HUGE septic issues, and we also tended to have hot water heater issues. We'd stick to shallow baths (sometimes with water heated on the stove) and a bowl of water for hair washing. I thought *that was difficult. The, uh, "Full Monty" with a bucket? Impressive. :001_smile:

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I keep the water on. I feel kind of bad about it, since we are on stage 4 water restrictions, but I get cold!! I only take quick showers though. I dream of 20 min showers, but haven't done that since grade 5 after coming home from soccer coated with black mud from head to toe :D



Same here. Well except the soccer; never did play a sport.

We have a 4 min timer in the shower and the entire family is expected to stick to 4 mins. Some are better than others. C is the worst. I generally manage the 4 minutes. I miss NZ where I could stand under the shower until the water ran cold!

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