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Teaching the Classics--do you use this?

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How do you do it? What ages ar you using it with? Are you getting some good discussions out of it? How many books a year do you think you'd use the method with?


I just purchased this and I'm half-way through watching the first DVD. Let's just say I think it holds promise: but I'm still waiting for my meat (nevermind how to figure out how to "cook" it! :D)

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Well, I bought it and got halfway through the first DVD and haven't got any further.

I am terrible at watching DVDs. I would much rather read something. Amazing how expensive a lesson that can be.

It also seems too teacher directed to me- although I like that ideally, it just isn't happening.

It is sitting on my desk right now, hoping I will pick it up again. But, sadly, I don't think so.

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I have this and use it. We like the lectures on dvd very much and the slim text has become a reference around here for literary analysis. I print out the blank story chart and we use it in discussing works of lit. For my kids, who are being raised and educational dvds, they really enjoy watching this kind of stuff. Heck for fun last night we watched a Teaching Co lecture on Music theory! Anyway, I consider Teaching the Classics a keeper that I'll use with all my kids.

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