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Grammar gurus, do you capitalize the name of flowers? About to post something online.

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Well, the AP stylebook says the following:


plants: In general, lowercase the names of plants, but capitalize proper nouns or adjectives that occur in a name.


Some examples: tree, fir, white fir, Douglas fir; Scotch pine; clover, white clover, white Dutch clover.


If a botanical name is used, capitalize the first word; lowercase others: pine tree (Pinus), red cedar (Juniperus virginiana), blue azalea (Callicarpa americana), Kentucky coffee tree (Gymnocladus dioica).




ETA that I don't have access to my Chicago manual right now, or I'd look there for you as well. Sorry!

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I know basic flowers - rose, daffodil, lily - you wouldn't capitalize but what about salvia, canna, sedum, penta?? For example if I am writing about salvia would that be capitalized but not the type of salvia (victorian blue)?


I am so clueless! Help!


I would not capitalize salvia for the same reason I wouldn't capitalize rose. But I would capitalize a proper noun specific type of salvia (Victoria White, Red Hot Mama) because they are specific hybrids of salvia. If using the scientific name, then the first part is capitalized and the second not (genus species?) So you might end up with Salvia farinacea "Victoria"


Not that Burpee's is the Chicago Manual of Style, but they do probably have a standard convention that applies.

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