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Has anyone here eaten raw apricot seeds?

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I've been watching a DVD Creation Series by Kent Hovind and he mentioned something about the benefits of eating apricot seeds? I found a few sites online that sell them but then found one site that said they are actually toxic. I'd like to know if anyone here has ever eaten them.


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I've eaten the raw kernels in apricot jam. They're tasty and I eat them because they taste good in jam. I don't know much about their health benefits or who's right in the toxicity debates, but I'll keep eating them in jam, although I probably wouldn't eat them for health reasons till there is better evidence that they are beneficial.

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?????? I've seen lots of people eat plates full of them, how come they didn't drop?


Different varieties evidently differ in the amount of cyanide they produce, and they must be fortunate (or have the "folk-wisdom") to not over consume.


But apricot kernels can be a deadly poison. I might try one, as a curiosity, but there is no way I'd consume them in any quantify (nor let a child eat them) as you'd be taking a potentially life taking risk.



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