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Scoring High Iowa test prep...Do I really need the TE?

Holly IN

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I am getting ready to order this through Rainbow Resource. They offer two different kinds of test prep for Iowa. One is scoring High with student and teacher ed sold sep. and the other one is a Iowa test prep which looks like it is directly from BJU and much cheaper.


I am tempting to go for the cheaper one. HELP


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I bought the scoring high series for the SAT tests last year through Rainbow Resources. The teacher edition had all the scripted text that you say to your child, explaining what to do, what comes next, how much time that certain part will take . . .etc. It also explains the example that you walk through with your child. If I were to do it again, I would probably just use the student book and do my own explanations, since my kids have been through the testing twice now. But, I wanted to be sure I was accurate when they first started testing, so they would know what to expect when they actually took the test. That was the environment I was trying to create and the teacher's edition with the scripted text helped, since that is what testers do.




Angie in IN

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Hi Holly,


I use the Scoring High materials for our preparation for the Stanford Test. I usually get the TE, but I know I will use it two more times. The TE will give you testing strategies and the instructions that your kids will hear when they test. My boys aren't always great listeners, so this helps me get them ready to know what to do if they're not paying attention or they are nervous on the testing day. The TE also makes grading their practice tests easier. We don't always agree with the answer, but that opens up discussion for what information the different types of questions are looking for. Is it necessary? No. Does it make my life easier? Yes. Is it worth $17? At this time in my life, oh yeah.



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