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why bju dvds instead of hardrive?


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I am not positive, as I have not used BJU before but have followed the threads. From what I can gather, the DVD option has been around longer, the hard drive option maybe a year or two. The DVD option allows you to customize a couple of the courses up or down a grade level (say your 4th grader could do 5th grade math, but 3rd grade spelling, etc). Also the DVD option could be played easily on a TV versus the hard drive playing on a computer. The hard drive does not have the flexibility of going up or down on certain classes, everything would be on one grade level. I am guessing that the flexibility and the fact the DVD's have been available much longer than the hard drive option are major reasons many refer to the dvd's.

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Though the savings did appeal to us, we decided on DVD for several reasons. I have three kids using them and they share a computer. I'd have to buy two more computers with the hard drive. Instead I bought each of them inexpensive personal DVD players that they use while sitting at the table together (with headphones).


We are on the road several days per week with therapy for my youngest special needs child. I can have the older kids watch their classes in the waiting room while the little one receives his therapy. I also take the little one to story time at the library weekly, and the older ones sit at the library table and work on their school work.


My dh travels with his work a little and we usually go with him. The small DVD players are easy to transport in backpacks and are much lighter than a laptop and external hard drive. Of course this eases some of my stress too, because accidents may happen and damaging or losing a single disk is much easier to stomach than damaging or losing an entire year of classes on a hard drive!


I don't know why others opt for one over the other, but we thought long and hard before deciding on the DVDs.

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