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Is there such a thing as an Algebra 2/trig textbook - all in one year?

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I'm trying to salvage this year's math and figure out next year's math. This has been one of our worst failures so far.


Is it possible to cover Algebra 2/Trigonometry in one year? Isn't that the old way of doing it? What books do you recommend?


Yup. We used an old Dolciani that covered Alg 2 and Trig (1970's era). Larson also has a text which covers this material. And there are others.

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Most of these 'combo' texts were still designed to be completed in 1.5 years.

The Trig found in them is usually basic and not as deep as you would find in a traditional Pre-Calc course. If your son will be taking a Pre-Calc course following Algebra 2 then it would be best to stay with a strong Algebra 2 course and wait on the Trig.

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Yes, we'd do pre-calc the following year. So, is trig part of most pre-calc textbooks?


Yes. Precalc covers some polynomial work (Rational Root Theorem, Factor Theorem), Rational functions, exponentials, logarithms and trig. In fact, trig is roughly half of the course.

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