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Help, I'm going to a true toga party IN Rome

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We're going to Rome in one month and two days from now. I'm so excited. We also found out a couple of days ago that while we are there we'll be attending an elaborate toga party. :) The company that is doing it is a "spare no expense" company and they are making it as authentic and incredible as possible.


What can I do to look as authentic as possible? I'm pretty sure there's no way I'm going to learn how to put my hair up the way I see all the illustrations to show women did then. What are the odds I could get a decent wig? I've never used one. What about jewelry? Makeup? Shoes? What would you do?


Thanks! I'm excited. Usually we wear formal gowns and tuxes to this occasion, so I've been thrown for a loop but it's going to be interested. Good thing I hadn't already bought a new dress!

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Do a search for "Rome Reenacting." There are people out there who do this for fun all the time! I'm sure you'll find some realistic ideas.

I looked really quickly and found this


If you can't find something there, searching won't be too difficult.

Have fun! BTW, I wouldn't go with a wig. I'd find a Roman hairdresser...

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