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Xpost: Lyrid meteor showers this week

Jean in Wisc

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Willl we be able to see it in the SW, we missed the last one. Does it have to be after midnight?


You should be able to see it in the SW as long as the clouds stay away :).


Earth is running into the debris left by a comet. It is not until after midnight that we are turned enough to be heading directly into the debris. If you go out in the evening, you may see a few, but after midnight, you should see many more.


Right now, if you were to spend some time star gazing in the early evening, you might very well see a few meteors fall. I saw a huge one last Tuesday evening--biggest I've ever seen. It was a very bright green. All week long there should be more meteors hitting the earth's atmosphere than there would be when we are not passing a comet's trail. So if you cannot get out in the early dawn, it might be worth your time to take a chair out and watch the sky through the evening. I can't say how successful it will be, but I'd expect you to catch a few of them at least.


The meteors are not always very bright. Looking at them from a dark location will give you a much better chance of viewing them.




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