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Gr. 4- Singapore Science? Galore Park Junior Science?


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I'm trying to figure out what to do for science for 4th. Does anyone have any feedback on the new MPH science or on GP's Junior Science?


My boys, who will be 9 in Sept., are finishing up Singapore Science MPH 3. It's been great for me as far as actually getting some formal, structured science done.


I'd planned to order Singapore's MPH Gr.4, but, looking at the Singapore site, it looks like they've redesigned the MPH series, combining the grade 3 & 4 material. I'm not sure if it will be worth it to get the combined 3/4 set.


Another option might be Galore Park's Junior Science books. Has anyone used these? Galore Park Latin has a good rep on these boards, but is there any advantage to GP's science over an American text?



Thanks for any thoughts on Gr. 4 science!


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I'm thinking ahead for my ds who will need something next year...


Laura Corin, are you out there??


I haven't seen junior science. It will be entirely secular, but so would the Singapore. Good luck with your researches - you can always come to the Galore Park Yahoo group and see if anyone there has used it.


Best wishes



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