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How do you do your recitation?


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I have let some things slip this year that I hope to bring back in full force in our next school year. I would love some feedback on how and what you use for recitation.


Is it proper to call memory work, latin drills, french drills, mental math and elocution (sp?) all together in the morning as recitation or should I call that something else?


What do you include in your recitation?


How do you keep it organized?


I would like to have dd review previously memorized works sometimes while working on current material.

I have the Harp and Laurel Wreath and hope to get Drew's memory book for my birthday(June)!


Any ideas or advice? Also, I will be doing this with a 1st grader (technically) and a 7th grader so I have a wide spectrum to deal with. I need to do this somewhat together. I usually start with material younger dd works with too and that leaves it open for her to slip off and do her own thing when we get to material meant for older dd. I need to keep this to 20-30 minutes at the most.


Thanks for any help!

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I adapted this system. I use a 3 ring binder instead of notecards.


Our Memory Work consists of Latin chants, the Greek Alphabet, poetry, this year we did Presidents, and we were supposed to do States & Capitals but we've slipped over the past several weeks. We also do music flash cards during this time, and skip counting.

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Thank you Judomom! This link is very helpful!


So I was thinking I would divide up the areas I want to include and spread them out over the week.


Maybe: Latin drills

French drills

Mental math


other memory work


and I was thinking about using one day (maybe Friday) to set aside for presentations or readings. I would like to work on both girls (especially younger dd) articulation while reading aloud and this would also be a time for each girl (maybe alternating) to present something. I might also have older dd work on a paragraph or narration of something and read it aloud. Hmmm, I'm really just brainstorming right now. Any advice...

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