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Taking my first trip to Aldi's

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I typically get at Aldis:

cream cheese

canned diced tomatoes (I've gotten the ones with green chiles, but they are a bit spicier than works well for us as my daughter and I are wimps about hot food :))

canned fit and active peaches

canned red beans

canned Mexican chili beans (these don't have any sweetener in them)

canned tomato paste

bagged generic salad

chunk cheese (Cheddar)

low sugar cereals (bran flakes, things like that)

canned fat free refried beans

real bacon bits

carrots, celery, grapefruit, oranges, sometimes apples (their bananas always seem to go instantly from green to black for me unfortunately)

lemon juice

canola oil, baking soda, raisins, nuts

frozen fish



Ours just started carrying whole wheat pasta--I bought a box and haven't tried it. They periodically have special sections and the last time they did a special Italian one I bought a bunch of the sun-dried tomato pesto because we really liked it. They have good prices on milk and eggs, but we try to buy organic milk and cage free eggs, which they don't carry.

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Fit & Active 3 Berry Blend

Fit & Active Ice Cream Sandwiches

Milk (currently $1.99 gal here in GA)

Fit & Active popcorn

cheddar cheese


cereals (some of which are EXACTLY the same as its sister company TRADER JOE's but cheaper!)

canned peas, corn

Happy Harvest Baked Beans (the other label of bb they carry is yucky!)


and depending upon the day and your area, some produce. around here right now Aldi is okay for apples, baby carrots, tangerines, navel oranges, onions, sweet potatoes, and STRAWBERRIES!

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We went there yesterday and they had an awesome selection of gardening tools, rose bushes, trees, etc. in their seasonal aisle. We love their frozen thin green beans, hummus dip, soy milk, wild salmon, and their new cosmetic line is amazingly good for the price. My fav is the CoQ 10 Day Cream. Their whole grain tortilla chips and raw nuts are great, too.


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I am very picky about brands and meats so Aldi's does not work for me. However, I have an acquaintence who shops once a month at Aldi's spends $300 for a family of 6 and her kids are 11yrs to 18months. She makes a menu writes down everything she needs for the month. She says she goes first thing when they open and heads to the meat department where they mark down about to expire meat and just cooks it up and freezes meal size portions to use later in the month.

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I liked it. I took 11yo perpetually hungry ds with me so I ended up with a few extra things but I liked the prices. We'll see if we like what we got but we are not usually brand picky on very many things. I'm much more price picky :)


I'm looking forward to going on a week day when it is not so crowded and I have time to look a little closer at things.


Definitely milk, cheese, eggs, and produce were good prices.



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