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RE: Math tutors.... how to choose?

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If I were looking into a math tutor, ideally, I'd want to find one that is familiar with homeschooling, that has years of experience, one who would have good communication with both my child and me. If possible, one who had familiarity with the homeschool programs we've used.


I would, actually, ask Jann in TX. :)

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I don't know that I'm typical in my approach, but if I were looking for a tutor for one of my kids, I'd want someone like me. ;)


I ask the parent to stay for at least half of the first session, which I offer for free. I use that first half hour or so to find out about the student's past experience with math and to get an idea of what both the student and the parent expect from the tutoring sessions. Then I usually spend another 20 minutes to half an hour actually tutoring on a topic that has the student and parent frustrated. Sometimes the parent leaves for this part, sometimes she stays.


At the end of the session, I check with them to see whether they think it's going to be a good fit, and we go from there. On more than one occasion, the student hasn't returned for more sessions, but only because I was able to help get her past a huge stumbling block and she didn't really need long term tutoring.

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