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He is reading!

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My 9 yo son is dyslexic and we have been working through Barton's and he is getting literacy theraphy through the university here. Yesterday I went to the library and grabbed him a few of the very easy readers. Normaly he would just look through the pics but yesterday he sat down to read. When he got done his first book he was so proud of himself and excited that he just kept going. He read 4 of the books in a row. This morning he wakes at 6, stumbles down the hall and asks me where his book is LOL


We still have a long way to go, but I am so thrilled for him!

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That is so exciting. The OG method is how my dd learned to read. We are using the Barton System now for spelling and to help continue her reading. She is reading on an 8th grade level now in 10th grade. But she loves to read and reads everything. It is so exciting, isn't it. So glad you found a method that is a good fit!

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Thank you everyone!


He is receiving literary theraphy twice a week via web cam through the univesity in my state. They have a speech and hearing clinic and I called them when we first moved here to have him evaluated. They offer this service as part of training for the students who will soon be graduating as therapist. Each student and client is observed by the professor throughout the program.


At first we were driving there twice a week and then when gas got insane they offered the web cam service, which we jumped at. Also at first it was just speech, but the professor was helping me with his dyslexia and now it has morphed into just literacy theraphy. They use an OG based program too.


The univeristy offers this program on a sliding scale but they have scholarships for income based needs. I highly recommend calling the universities in your area.


He has also evaluated by a child psychologist, who diagnosed his dyslexia ( reading disorder), ADHD and possible auditory processing issues as well as possibly memory issues. He is having a complete neuro-psych eval by a Pediatric Neuropsychologist on April 30th.



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Isn't that great to see? My "never will be able to read" dd is now reading chapter books on her own and seems to have her "nose in a book" quite often.


http://www.teacherweb.com/CA/PomeloDriveElementary/Mrssakamoto/printap2.stm Here are some easy readers you can print out---they might be too easy for him but they are cute and FREE> They also give a lot of practice with some of the tougher words.

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