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SOTW and Writing Tales ?'s

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If I get SOTW do I need to also get the Kingfisher and Usborne books to go with it? The activity guide? Or is the SOTW book alone enough for 2nd and 4th graders?



WT-- do I need the TM or is just the student book enough?





You don't need both KF and Usb books, but you'll need one of them. The recommendation has been Usborne for Grammar Stage and Kingfisher for Logic Stage. And oh - definitely the AG adds a lot to the SOTW!


We haven't started WT yet, but I did just read in another thread that the TM is essential.


Good luck!

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I would definitely buy the AG. My kids love the activities and we do check out the extra reading suggested, plus the narrations. We have both the Kingfisher and Usborne Encyc. for 1st and Kindy. We use both for additional info. SOTW is like storybook, but the encycl. add facts, dates, and pictures. If you could afford both, I'd get both. Otherwise I'd get the Usborne for your age kids.


We've also really enjoyed the Evan-Moore Ancient Civilizations History Pockets. It's a lot coloring, cutting, and pasting but if yours like those sorts of things, it's an inexpensive add-on. HTH

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