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Honey Bee

Higher Up and Further In... anyone using?

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I came across this website


just wondering if anyone has used it and their opinions. I notice many hs use AO and this one is similar. What were your experiences? I am thinking through my history, literature, and science for next year and can't decide if I should go AO (or Higher up and further in) or Sonlight, WP, etc. Thanks!

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Linda Fay's blog is very popular and yes, she uses AO curriculum. She has a vast amount of info regarding AO and how to implement Charlotte Mason ideals into your homeschool.

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I love her timeline, and the way they do composer and artist study. She is so inspiring!


If I had discovered her right away, I would have absolutely used her plan over AO's. She ends up at the same point by Year 7 (Her oldest is in HEO now), but takes a bit of a different path to get there. I actually prefer her history schedule to AO's.


By the time I decided to go more CM, it would have been too hard to fit it in (and believe me, I tried!), so I went with AO. No regrets there, really, but I still do look longingly at Lindafay's plan. It's wonderful.

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