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Doing R&S grammar orally, but use the worksheets?


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We've used R&S English 3 thru' 7 (finishing it up). Here is what my oldest does-

1) I do oral review w/her

2) She reads the lesson on her own from teachers manual (so she can see the teacher notes)

3) She does Class practice on her own (orally) from teachers manual (covers up the answers), if she gets any wrong we go over them (rarely happens)

4) If there is a worksheet assigned for the lesson she completes that, otherwise I assign the written practice (sometimes all of it, sometimes less)


dd starting doing the above (more independent work) in R&S English 6, since I was teaching 3 other dc and needed to free up some time for them! Also, I should add she is very good in English, I would probably have a tigher reign on her if she was not so quick with grammar/spelling/vocab etc. It works well for her, she is always scoring high on the chapter tests. HTHs


What you say, may work if you know your dc are understanding the lesson. Not all lessons have worksheets though.

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With dd (and what I used to do with ds) we do most of the lessons orally. Then we pick the Class Practice or the Written Exercises, and the Reveiw Exercises to go through orally. If they get through those very well and really know it, then we don't do the other one. I usually let them do the diagramming on a white board, since they like that much better than writing it on a piece of paper. That's what we do daily. We go through everything in the Review Chapters. They kind of review the chapter on their own, then I'll go through the Review Chapter with them. When they're confident they know it, I give them the Chapter Test. The only time we use the worksheets is when they have a particular problem with a concept and need more review on it. I have made my own practice sheets up for them, since a couple of times they had problems with a concept that really didn't have a worksheet with it.


The Review Chapter is where we really see how much they've ingested of what they've studied!

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This is exactly what we have done for the past 2 years with English 3-6. My older ds actually reads the lesson on his own while I do it with the younger one. When he is done reading we sit together and do the class practice orally together then if there is a worksheet he does that. For the writing lessons we also follow this routine and I make a note in my planner as to what the lesson is focussed on so we can incorporate it into his weekly science and history writing. I do not have him do the writing assignment in the book. This kills two birds with one stone. My 12yo ds actually loves this program. He was disappointed when we temporarily stopped it last year.

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