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Pathway vs Rod&Staff vs McGuffey


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Does anyone have an opinion about using pathway instead of Rod & Staff? I have most of the readers for Pathway but was wondering if they compare to Rod and Staff ? I have the entire McGuffey set but have found that my kids don't know grammar well, though the oldest can write pretty well after all those years of copy work.


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I have used all 3, so I will take a stab at this!


Pathway are different from R & S in that they are stories centered around life on the farm, for example.


R & S are centered around Bible stories.


I would say you could use both, with very good effect. They compliment each other, as they are different type of stories, which keeps the interest high. Ireally like all the Bible knowledge my children have after reading the R & S books.


McGuffey are nice, maybe an extra if you have the $, but their tone is more old fashioned, which doesn't suit everyone. They are great for vocabulary development, etc.


I hope this helps, I am by no means an expert, but thought I would try and answer your ?s.



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Pathway readers can be accompanied by a workbook called Climbing to Good English. They're meant to complement each other. Pathway works on "reading" skills like phonics and comprehension. CTGE has some phonics and quite a bit of grammar (including diagramming starting in 3rd grade) in a workbook format. Here's a link to the Rod and Staff books page:




I've used Pathways and McGuffey (briefly). McGuffey are much shorter and disjointed in the early readers, they're not really stories. I've looked at R&S and liked the workbook format, but it seemed like an overwhelming amount of work if you include their Spelling and Grammar books on top of the Reading and Phonics. YMMV of course!

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I like using R&S so that it's a Bible course as well (for 1st-4th grade). My dd will start 2nd grade next month so we'll add R&S English so she'll start learning grammar too. (We'll do some orally if the writing is too much). We were going to do R&S spelling, but since we decided to go with HOD Beyond, I'm going to give their spelling a try.

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