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Ezekiel Bread -- anyone have a recipe or experience?

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whole grains mentioned in the Bible (particular verse escapes me!). The bread is made with sprouted grains which are more easily digested by your body. It might take some getting used to b/c the texture is much more "seedy" than other breads. My dh refuses to eat Ezekial-type breads b/c of the texture. Can we say "Wonder Bread" generation? :) Personally, I love the Ezekial-type breads. I get the Alvarado Street Bakery breads...sprouted grain breads in many different types (sourdough, cinnamon-raison, wheat, etc.). They also have a kids bread which I haven't tried yet as well as sprouted pizza crust, bagels, english muffins (I think), etc. Oh, another good thing is there are no additive/preservative and NO corn syrup/sugar like most, if not all, commercial bread.

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We don't make it ourselves, I mean. I absolutely love the stuff. Probably too much! I like the sesame one smeared with some almond butter. I need not much else in life!:)


My kids still don't care for it much as a sandwhich bread because of the texture...too heavy. They eat organic whole wheat for that.


One day they'll convert. Just like everything else!



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