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Smarr Lit, Latin... and Vocabulary? I'd like your thoughts.

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Would you have your 9th grader do a vocabulary program in addition a literature program that includes vocabulary (Smarr) and Latin (LCT volume 2)?


I've been investigating vocabulary materials for dd3 (7th grade in the fall) and have settled on Vocabulary from Classical Roots after reading reviews and looking at online samples.


Dd2 will be 9th grade in the fall. She has a lot of potential, and I'm trying to keep her challenged. She'll be doing Smarr's Intro to Lit in the fall, along with Latin in the Christian Trivium, volume 2. Would a vocabulary program be helpful/beneficial or would it be overkill?


Thanks for sharing your thoughts, opinions, experiences.

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I think there's plenty of vocab in Smarr. I would only add extra review of the Smarr words if she's not picking them up, but probably not another whole program.


If she's never done a word roots program, she could join her sister in picking up some of that as well, and they could work together. Otherwise, I'd just work with the vocab you're already using, myself.



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