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Are there a science curriculum that has tests??


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we used them sometime ago for a few years. If you haven't seen LIFEPACS, they're 10 wkbks in each set w/a teacher's manual (if purchased all together in the set) you can actually but them individually, I would suggest getting the whole thing esp. if you're teaching the whole subject...anywho...within the wkbks there are practice tests and smack in the middle of the wkbk is the "final exam", take this out before giving the wkbk to your child the first time and file it in a safe place :O) where you can find it later or you'll have to type up your own test that first time :O) can you guess how I know this?


In the past, we've used A/O lifepacs (the year we decided to use all of one type of curriculum for the older guys - Eng. Sci. Hist. Math...) - it was boring for them b/c it never changed, the tone, wording, everything was the same for all subjects, so eventhough, I loved the format, they didn't. Since then we've been eclectic :O)


We've used A/O lifepacs, Apologia (all grades - from the newer ones in elementary to high school biology) and there are tests in the older students' series - haven't looked at these in a few years...


Y'all are making me wokr too hard this morning, getting me sidetracked on thinking about curriculum and such... hum... what am I using next year?


Oh well, good luck to you.


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We are looking for a different Science curriculum next year. Do you know of any for 2nd grade that has tests? I am very interested in looking at BJU.


You might want to look at the samples online to check but I know for sure the older levels of Rod & science science have tests.

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