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Looking for a comfy kind of corset

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Not exactly a corset, but I find these (found them at Kohl's) are comfortable and keep the extra yardage of skin left over from full-term twins on a 5' frame from lumping, bumping and rolling... now if I could figure out how to dress this new body shape...:glare: Anyway, anything that isn't a full-piece affair seems to roll (up or down) which creates its own issues.

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My first thought is: a comfy corset is an oxymoron!


My second thought: spanx! I have 2 pair of spanx that I only wear on special occassions. One pair is actually a size larger than it should be, and it is closer to "comfy" than the other one which is the "right" size... whatever that means in spanx language :tongue_smilie:

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I have a Kohl's nearby so I'll check out Maidenform. I like the Spanx, but they might not be available there. Not sure I'll have time to get to the mall for this elated purpose. Which reminds me, won't your bookshelves get mashed with the full-piece? You get the flow. Something working *against* gravity would work better in that area as opposed to the lower-belly issues...

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