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Hoping to move to Phoenix area

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My husband is looking for a job in the Phoenix area. We are hoping he finds something soon so we can be close to good medical care for me. I'm wondering what the homeschooling community is like there? We currently live in Wisconsin (for the last 4 yrs) and it's not very welcoming here. There isn't a whole lot in terms of support and fun activities. I'm trying to get a feel for what Arizona would be like & would love any feedback. I'm not sure where we would live at this point, as we are still in the exploratory phase and my husband has not found a job there yet.


Any information is greatly appreciated!




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We are in the Phoenix area and I think it depends on what you are looking for what the community is like. I will say that arriving in the summer is NOT a good time. The whole area seems to shut down from May to about October because of the heat. There are no park days, no outdoor field trips, no anything that happens outside because of the heat.


The rules for homeschooling are minimal. You would need to fill out one form per child ever, unless you move and then you fill it out again. No testing, no reviews, no anyone looking over your shoulder. It is very very easy.


I belong to a secular home school group and it is tolerant of lots of different people and beliefs. I know there are other groups around too, but I haven't looked into them.


Good luck!

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Arizona/Phoenix is a fabulous place to homeschool. I don't know about surrounding areas but Mesa has one of the best homeschool networks I've ever heard of. We are north of Phoenix now but miss the Mesa hs group very much! I think you will be pleased with the laws (none aside from submitting an affidavit of homeschooling) and the support groups.

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